Product Launch

With SP_CE, you can launch your products with 3 steps in the same space. It can look something like this.

Launch your product with 3 step in the same space


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A Space to Create

woman creating product marketing material

Much like a great adventure in the movies, your pre-launch phase starts with an idea: you are going to bring your product from point A to B to C in the best way possible.

This idea then goes through a butterfly-like metamorphosis and becomes an action plan for how your Product and Marketing team will get your product to the right people. This usually means that you crunch your product material and message and mold it after the target audience – before it’s time for Marketing to create some absolutely superb material and package the product offering.

In SP_CE, the pre-launch takes place in a digital space where:

Once this step is complete, you’ve got everything you need to bring your product through your organization and out to customers. Which brings us to the next step.



A Space to Share

A space to share

Your launch phase is kind of like a choreographed dance that starts as a slow dance, and becomes a full-fledged samba by the time you see the finish line. In other words, you start softly by launching the product in your own organization, where Product and Marketing teams share the product and message with sales – and hold meetings and workshops to make sure they’re up to speed.

After that, your dance picks up the pace as you launch your product to your customer base, or pick a number of select accounts to start with.

In SP_CE, the whole launch is done in one and the same environment where:


Follow up graph
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A Space to Trace

woman showing progress report for new product

Great movies don’t end when the credit rolls but are re-mastered and re-engineered. In the same way, your product launch isn’t exactly over when people know about your product. Instead, you will look at how your material performs and adjust where needed.

In SP_CE, both Marketing and Sales can easily follow up by:

With that, the product launch becomes a circle of sorts, where Marketing can continuously improve on campaigns and make them stronger for each iteration. While Sales can nudge their prospects and accounts closer to signing, and create an experience that gets more personal by the day.

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With SP_CE, you can make your product launch a smooth ride from start to finish.

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