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We provide a brand new way of launching and selling Medtech products. Scroll down to learn what separates the SP_CE way from the rest.

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A consistent message
wins the deal

Keeping your product message consistent is no easy feat. Oftentimes, buyers receive a mixed message that makes it difficult for stakeholders to come to a consensus. The result? Your deals may be stalled – or even lost completely.

SP_CE can help. Our tool lets you control your message at every step of the way, share accurate material in each interaction and maintain sales momentum.

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Control your message and engage your buyer

With SP_CE, you can control your message even when you’re not in the room – and share material that keeps your buyers engaged

Don’t let your champion fall short

Give your buyer everything they need to know, gathered in one space. A robust version control lets you share the right message with every stakeholder, and empower your champion with the right arguments to get buy in. Whether they’re in a VAC meeting or explaining your value prop to their peers.

Never lose sales momentum ever again

Keep track of buyer stakeholders and activate them throughout your sales process. Keep them engaged with smart chat – and video messaging, and keep them coming back with a constant flow of relevant content.

Don’t risk your compliancy

Keep all material and information stored in one space – from your 510(k) to PMAs, Clinical Trials, IFUs and HIPPA documentation. Hold digital sales meetings in the same space and store your recordings and transcriptions in a place that you can always come back to.

4 steps to a great roi

With SP_CE, your sales team get the means to close more deals and shorten their sales cycles.

Restricted sales room and public showroom for medtech.

step 1

Create a space for you and your buyer, automatically filled with the right content.

step 2

Share your space with a click. Get unique insights on buyer engagement and keep track of everyone involved in the deal.

Interact with your buyer through a space for medtech.

step 3

Interact with your buyer in, and between, meetings. Drive your deal forward with chat, video messages and mutual action plans.

step 4

Make it easy for your buyer to align and make a decision. Store relevant material, hold meetings and answer questions in one place – your space.

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