Odds are, it will be harder to market your products in 2023. The economy is shaky, the market is getting more and more crowded and it’s increasingly difficult to reach the right buyer. Here, we’ve gathered the marketing trends that can not only help you tackle these challenges – but have your marketing efforts perform better than ever.

2023 will not be business as usual: the economic climate is uncertain, budgets are cut and more and more competitors may come to fight for the same buyers’ attention. In such a climate, it’s no wonder that 3 of the biggest marketing challenges will be to compete for buyers’ attention, to succeed in an uncertain economic environment and to navigate a more competitive landscape.

That said, 2023 won’t just come with challenges: there will also be incredible opportunities for marketing teams that can adapt to the changing climate. In other words, if you can find the practices and tools to help you succeed despite the challenges, you can come to have a strong competitive advantage that can radically improve your position on the market.

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The 2023 marketing trends that can get results

To help you adapt to the current climate and tackle the challenges you may face, we’ve gathered 3 key marketing trends that we truly believe can make a difference (along with our r easons for choosing them). These include:

1. Focusing your marketing efforts

Account Based Marketing (ABM) will become more important in 2023. The practice basically means that you focus your attention on the high-value accounts that are likely to respond to your offering – and be valuable to you. This, in turn, means that you’ll gather your marketing and sales teams and together create super-targeted campaigns for individual accounts or industries.

To pull off a solid ABM campaign you will, however, need to apply the two other trends we’ll talk about in the next few sections.

Why we’ve chosen this trend: ABM lets you create talilored campaigns that truly cater to your buyer’s needs. With that, it’s basically a cure for expensive spray-and-pray campaigns and can allow you to spend less while getting a better result. It can also let you reach your buyer with a message that stands out from competitors.

Read more about ABM here.

2. Getting your marketing and sales teams on the same page

Sales and marketing alignment will probably play a large role in the coming year. Without it, your teams can come to struggle with getting the data they need to create campaigns, sequences and sales strategies that deliver. It is also a pre-requisite for a strong ABM machine and can help you save costs and drive revenue. In fact, sales and marketing alignment can up your revenue by some 34 %, while a disalignment between the teams carries an estimated total cost of 1 billion USD.

Why we’ve chosen this trend: By creating a strong sales and marketing alignment, you can make sure that your teams have the data they need to make the right decisions. This can help you create marketing campaigns and sales strategies that cut through the noise and give your buyer what they need. Which, in turn, can help you reach your buyer at a lower cost and drive revenue.

Read more about marketing and sales alignment here.

3. Personalize your touchpoints

Personalization is key. It means that you customize your marketing efforts and touchpoints to be relevant, and offer a personal experience throughout the buyer’s journey. It is, of course, a necessity for a successful ABM approach, but the trend can also stand on its own. Salesforce has even shown how a whopping 73 % of buyers expect vendors to really understand their needs and act accordingly.

Why we’ve chosen this trend: Personal offerings stand out from the rest. With that, personalized campaigns and touchpoints can help you reach your buyer with a message that resonates and have them feel like you understand them. This can do wonders, especially when your buyers may be facing budget cuts of their own.

Read more about personalization here.

Combine the trends for maximum impact

These marketing trends can come to be game-changers in 2023. They can stand on their own, but the true value will come when they’re combined. By doing that, you can make sure that your marketing efforts not only continue to perform – but reach results far beyond what was accomplished in previous years.

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