Virtual selling is remote selling, with all the processes and tools involved in the sales journey.

According to Gartner, numerous areas are included in the term virtual selling – a term that, simply put, means to sell remotely. Or, rather, virtual, remote selling is not just the act of closing a sale from a distance, or via digital means. Instead, the term encompassas “the collection of processes and technologies by which salespeople engage with customer remotely with both synchronous and asynchronous communications.” 

In other words, to sell virtually includes all the remote points of engagement. Via which you, as a salesperson, interact with your customers and potential customers. With this, it includes the “asynchronous” mode of communication, i.e. communication that is not in real-time. Where the customer can choose when to interact and engage, such as with a video or message.

It also, of course, includes the opposite mode of communciation, namely that which is synchronous. A term which basically means communication that is in real time, and when the response is required right then and there. Something that traditionally comes in the form of video conferences and audio-only calls.

With this, virtual, remote selling encompasses numerous points of engagement. Points that, for example, includes:

  • The sales call,
  • Video conferences and presentations,
  • Social selling via social media, and
  • Email, messages and video communication

To summarize, virtual selling can be seen as remote selling, but includes a range of areas or points of engagement. With this, it becomes important to consider all the different parts of remote selling, in order to optimize your digital sales process and succeed in your sales efforts. Where it may be beneficial to dedicate time to both the asynchronous and  synchronous types of communication. In order to give your customers the best virtual purchasing journey possible.

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