A B2B product launch comes with a lot of moving parts. You’ve got your product-marketing team working with product -and sales teams, a ton of material being shared left and right and customers who should get the right product material and be nudged to convert. It’s no wonder product launches can be fairly hectic, but luckily it can be a little bit easier with SP_CE.

A B2B product launch is kind of complex. You’ve got a lot of teams that need to work together, and a product that somehow needs to be shared throughout your organization before it can reach your actual customers.

With all those moving parts, you may be wondering if there’s a way to keep them all together. Which is actually the exact challenge that you can tackle with SP_CE – and our Showroom.

To get a better idea of how it can look, let’s go through the steps of a (primarily digital) product launch and how it can look with SP_CE. These steps are obviously on a pretty high level, but will give you a good grasp of the parts involved in a product launch and where SP_CE fits into the equation.

Before your product launch

Before going live with a product, there is a fair bit of planning, message-crunching and content creation going on. Where your marketing team may (and should) work with the product team to really grasp the product, set the go-to-market plan and create product material. With that, you’ll have a ton of material that is created, shared and adjusted, and a lot of meetings and interactions that move it all forward.

It’s only natural that keeping track of all these interactions can be a hassle. Especially if material is spread out across multiple channels, and if there isn’t a shared space to keep everything in place. So, how can this step be done in SP_CE?

Well, SP_CE gives you a shared, digital space to work in. Where both product -and product-marketing teams can get together to create, share material and meet throughout this stage. With that, you get a single point of contact that goes across teams and where everything can be stored in one space.

Before product launch

Internal launch

The first step of your launch is to get the sales organization involved, which can be a bit tricky. After all, you need to make sure that the right sales people get the right material, that the material itself is easy to get through and that they really understand the product. Not to mention that they actually need to buy into the product, and be psyched about getting it out there.

With SP_CE, you can share a space with the exact right content and material for a specific sales team. You can show your value proposition, explain your product in a format that’s easy to get through – and know that sales have gone through the material and understand what the product is all about.

Internal launch

External launch

Now, it’s time to actually get your message and product to market. Where you’ll probably walk two paths at once:

  • Marketing will run promos and campaigns on a broader scale, with prospects and/or existing customers in center. Maybe there will also be a more targeted approach on specific, high-value accounts, and that will be done in a tighter collaboration with sales.
  • Sales will start contacting and meeting with high-potential customers and prospects.

Oftentimes, this comes with a few challenges. First of all you need to make sure that marketing and sales move in the same direction and share the same message and material. On top of that, you need the right material and presentations to reach the right customers and prospects, and find a way to pique their interest and nudge them forward in the buying journey.

SP_CE will let you do all these things. You’ll be able to design and share a space with the right content, and have it land in the hands of the right sales people and key accounts. You’ll also be able to see how prospects and customers interact with the material and get the tools you need to nudge them forward.

Customer launch

In other words, a product launch in SP_CE isn’t that different from what you’re used to. You still go through the steps you usually take and you still work with different teams at different parts of the process. The only difference is that you get the space you need to go through the steps as efficiently as possible; that the different teams you work with get a shared environment to work in, and that you get a way to reach your customers and show exactly what you want to show.

Which, technically, means that there are 3 differences that all help move you closer to the goal:

To launch your products without delay, and provide a great experience for internal teams and customers alike. 

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Seeing is believing.

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