A digital showroom is a space where B2B companies can show their products in the best of lights. It works as a kind of microsite that product owners and marketers can design, customize and share in a matter of minutes. Making product launches a breeze, and allowing personalized product material to reach sales teams – or select accounts.

When we think of a showroom, we might think of a huge hall that looks sort of like an art exhibit. There might be neat rows of clothes hanging under carefully placed spotlights, or cars placed on top of the spotlights themselves. There may be logos printed on carpets, and there may be a bunch of people looking at the same set of products.

A digital showroom is similar in many ways. It allows you as a product marketer to showcase your products for customers or soon-to-be customers, and it (usually) lets you brand said showcase to fit your overall vibe and visual identity. That said, the digital showroom can give you so much more than that, and provide a huge value for B2B product companies working in a ton of different industries.

Here are the key things to know about digital showrooms

1. The digital showroom is for (almost) everyone

The fashion -and auto industry may have spearheaded the use of showrooms, but in our new digital world they’re for all product-centric B2B companies. In other words, if you have a product to put on display, a showroom can be a great way to do exactly that.

2. They can work magic when it comes to product launches

Good digital showrooms are easy to share (as opposed to that huge, physical showroom). I.e. you can use them to highlight a new product line and share it with your sales people – and your key accounts – in a matter of seconds. Just imagine being able to click a button and have your picture-perfect showroom be sent to everyone who should have it, and feeling safe knowing that the right material is in the right hands.

3. They can play a large part in your account-based marketing machine

Showrooms can play an important role for your account-based marketing. Not only can they easily be filled with content, but great showrooms will also give sales and marketing a way to work together. Which, in turn, helps them run in the same direction, and that can make all the difference for the result of your campaigns.

4. Digital showrooms can be designed and tweaked with ease

Ok, not all showrooms are this way, but the great ones will let you design and tweak your showroom without needing to call your web department or sit in support all day. Which will make a huge difference when you’re creating several ones, and even more so when you’re using the digital showroom for targeted campaigns on a set of accounts. As you will be able to quickly tweak material and content as you learn what works and what doesn’t.

5. They can let you gather some great insights

Digital showrooms often come with a fair bit of insights, as they may track what specific material has been interacted with, what products have been seen and how long people have spent there. Which, for example, will let you make your super-targeted showrooms and campaigns even more targeted – by giving you the data you need to adjust your approach.

All in all, digital showrooms are an excellent way to get your products out in a space that’s really an extension of your web and brand – especially if you find a showroom that lets you design it as you please. Which can even let you create the same feeling and vibe as the one we might get when stepping into that huge, physical showroom hall. Only now it’s a little bit better as the experience can be totally personalized.

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Seeing is believing.

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