According to Mckinsey, the areas of agility, insight, talent and technology remain key for growing sales into the future. Areas where top-performing sales leaders and teams do a few things different from the rest.

While agility, insight, talent and tech are still key areas to grow sales, suceeding in said areas requires something other than it used to. This according to a McKinsey study that included some 2500 B2B organizations. Where they saw “that those willing to shake up their sales models and embrace next-generation capabilities are growing revenue at twice the rate of GDP.”

Simply put, this means that top performing sales leaders and teams get the basics right in each area – but do not stop there. Instead daring to utilize new models, capabilities and tools to grow sales.

For Technology, for example, the basics can mean foundational tools like the CRM, while top performers go on to add more advanced tools that are easy to use for the sellers. Which can be important for your continued success, “as the right digital enablers and processes set the foundation for continued growth and innovation”.

In the same way, top performing sales leaders and teams have a slightly more advanced take on agility than their peers. Moving from multichannel to omnichannel, and focusing on digital. Which means that they interact and sell more digitally, while giving the customer a seamless exeperience as they move between physical and digital touchpoints. A practice that can create immense benefits, as “80 percent of B2B decision makers say that omnichannel sales are as effective or more so than traditional models.” Not to mention that buyers seem to agree, viewing “remote and digital self-serve channels as on a par with face-to-face interactions”.

Along with the practices top perfomers do in the areas of Insight and Talent – where McKinsey points to, for example, predictive analytics and tailored coaching – being at the forefront in these dimensions can bring about huge benefits for both Sales and Productivity. Making it a good idea to consider how your organization can best utilize the new models, tools and capabilities that are now available. In order to grow sales into the future.

Further findings

In addition to the above, McKinsey found that:

  • 32 % of top performers have more than 50 % of their interactions with customers digitally.
  • Top performers are a whopping 62 % “more effective in using digital tools”.
  • For their customer journeys, 68 % of top performers utilize a combination of digital and traditonal channels.

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