A good Digital Sales Room lets you close the gap between Sales teams and Customers – with a persistent space where all material can be shared and stored and where all sales meetings can take place.

A Digital Sales Room (DSR) is a persistent space where sellers can meet with buyers over a long period of time, and store and share relevant information. It differs from a Digital Showroom, which is a digital space made to display your product in the best of light and nudge potential customers forward on their journeys.

The key difference is the level of interactivity involved: simply put, a DSR will give you a chance to collaborate and meet with prospects, while the Showroom exists to show your product with less of a threshold and get potential customers interested. With that, the Showroom is suited for Marketing campaigns and Product launches, while the Digital Sales Room exists to upgrade your Sales efforts.

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The SP CE Digital Sales Room

The SP_CE Digital Sales Room works like a bridge between your sales teams and their customers. It lets sales reps tie their sales process together by having all interactions in a single space throughout the whole process. In other words, they can hold sales meetings and share material, as well as send personalized video -and chat messages to keep the conversation going between meetings. Our DSR can also be easily designed and fully customized- which gives you a chance to show your brand at every step of the way, and give the customer a personalized experience.

The DSR will, without a doubt, be an incredibly important tool for B2B organizations moving forward. 30 % of sales interactions are expected to occur in Digital Sales Rooms by 2026, and for good reason: a DSR can give both sellers and buyers a better experience. Making it easier for sellers to sell – and buyers to buy.

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