When buyers involve more people and deal cycles are longer than before, a B2B Digital Sales Room can make a huge difference for sales organizations. Making it possible to both customize content in a more engaging way, and tying the whole sales journey together.

In Forrester’s 2021 B2B Buying Study, a few things stood out to us. The most relevant ones being that more than 60 % of B2B purchases now involve more than 4 stakeholders (a 16 % increase since 2017), and that “the number of buying interactions…jumped from 17 to 27”. This since the beginning of the pandemic, and with almost all interactions taking place in digital channels.

This implies that B2B buying and selling has become way more complex in a very short time. Something that was recently underlined by a Forbes Council article, that went on to explain how “commercial teams that want to stand out more, engage buyers better and more often, and win bigger in this new business environment must move beyond traditional sales enablement.”

The question, then, is what it means to move beyond “traditional” tools and techniques to enable sales, how to engage a lot of stakeholders and tie a sales process together when it takes longer and involves more interactions.

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The B2B Digital Sales Room

The answer to these questions can be to use a Digital Sales Room. A term that we’ve previously explained as a sort of collective, digital space where the seller can share information, communicate and connect with prospects or customers (something like a B2C Showroom, but with the capabilities and functions that B2B sales professionals need). Where, for example, you as a seller can give the customer a customized experience, share relevant material (without having to send email attachments that get lost in an overcrowded inbox) and even hold all meetings throughout the journey you and your customer are on.

Here, our own SP_CE platform makes it possible for you to easily open a space; a digital sales room for each of your prospects or customers, where you can do all of the above. With the added bonus of being able to see how customers interact in your space, highlight the most relevant material so customers can always find it, invite multiple stakeholders throughout the process and design a a picture-perfect, personalized experience. Closing the gap between you and your customer.

We’re obviously a bit biased, but are honestly sure that this can make a huge difference for B2B sales teams in a world of remote sales.


Buyers have quickly changed their behavior, and are involving more people in a purchasing journey while having more interactions throughout that time. This means that sales teams may do well in altering their approach, providing more relevant content that is stored in a central place – and tracking how the content is interacted with. Where a B2B Digital Sales Room can be an awesome way to adapt to these changes and get a serious competitive edge in the process.

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Seeing is believing.

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