While it can feel challenging to connect with customers in a virtual world, it is far from impossible. Especially with a few helpful tips and tricks.

It can feel challenging to build strong relationships from behind a screen. Which is why we’ve gathered and discussed a few helpful tips on what you can think about when meeting a customer virtually. Tips that can give you a better idea of how you can connect with customers in a virtual world, and that include:

1. Being authentic

To be real is incredibly important to build trust and nurture a relationship, and even more so in the virtual meeting with a customer. Where a recent Forbes Couches Council article explained that “you want to maintain your professionalism”, but that “it’s OK if your hair isn’t perfect or your background is slightly cluttered”.

This is a super important point, now, when you and your customer may be separated geographically, but share a specific context: you are probably both working from home, with all that it entails. I.e. there is probably clutter on both ends, and both may experience the occasional distraction from family members or pets. Something that can build a mutual ground to stand from, if shown to an appropriate degree, and that was underlined in an article from Slack. Where Nick Mehta, CEO at Gainsight, made a very good point:

“You may have dogs in the background and kids, and you’re balancing a lot of stuff …”, he said. “Let your clients know so they feel that connection with you.”

2. Using video

This one is a given, really. After all, it will be much more difficult to achieve the above-mentioned point without meeting in a video call. Which can also help build stronger relationships and make it easier to show that you’re paying attention.

This was further emphasized in the Slack article, where Mehta explained how “the connection through video made the client feel like we were listening to them more”. This regarding a proposal that hadn’t been accepted when talking to the customer on the phone, but that was later on accepted once they had a video call.

3. Having the right content at the right place

The article in Forbes noted that “every single touchpoint should have a clear purpose, engaging material and a direct, actionable next step”. For a customer meeting, this can mean that we add relevant and engaging content that the customer can go through. Mixing media forms and having, for example, both video and text content present in the meeting – in addition to the face-to-face video call. Furthermore, it can be a good idea to add to-do activities or reminders after the meeting, so that both you and the customer know what will happen next and what needs to get done.

The Slack article suggested another practice as well, namely to have interactive meetings with, for example, breakout rooms and whiteboards. So that you and the customer can work together and collaborate throughout the meeting. A practice that can further nurture the relationship, and build stronger bonds as you work together.

4. Using the right tools

Using the right tool for the right purpose can make a world of difference. Something that was touched on in the Forbes article, and that advised sellers to “choose the medium wisely to align with the purpose of the meeting and the content being delivered” and “invest in a new tool if it fills an unmet need.”

I.e. finding the right tool for your purpose is a great idea. Where you may want to think about what you would need from, for example, a meeting tool to make it easier to connect with your customer. Which can make it so much easier to find the right tool for you and your organization.

While connecting and building relationships can look slightly different when done in the virtual space, we are sure that it can be done just as well as when you meet your customers physically. Especially if you find the tools that can make this process easier; if you use video when possible, mix media and interactive elements to keep engagement high, and add a personal touch to your interaction with your customer.


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