Finding ways to empower your remote sales team can be the difference between winning and losing deals in the remote-sales arena. Here’s how to empower your team and make sure they have what they need to close sales from a distance.

Remote sales are the new norm, and for good reasons. One of which is that you can look for team members in different geographical locations, which means that you get a larger talent pool and can have an easier time finding the right people for your sales team. The question is how you can actually empower this team, and make sure they have what they need to really use the huge potential of remote sales.

This can be a hard nut to crack, especially if you just pressed start on your remote sales machine. Luckily, there are a few ways to really empower your team to reach the best results possible. Including:

  • Having a pre-set ramp-up process: It can take a ton of time to get sales reps up and running, which means that a good starting point for empowering your team long-term is to have a seriously prepared structure for onboarding and ramp up. Which can cut the time it takes before they can start selling and reaching their quota.
  • Optimizing sales material: If your sales team can’t find the right info, or locate your updated sales content, they might just miss their chance with a customer. With that, it’s a great idea to store sales material and resources in easy-to-find, digital catalogs or folders. This will give your team a serious edge, as they’ll be able to find what they need in no time. Letting them focus on the deal at hand instead of going down the rabbit hole of old email-chains and local folders on their computers.
  • Making it easy to share recordings from sales meetings: It can make a huge difference if your remote sales team can share sales meetings with managers or mentors, who can give some constructive feedback. The digital meeting is a pretty new thing for everyone, and most about all of us can benefit from getting some thoughts and ideas about how to hold better, digital sales meetings.
  • Giving your team the right tools: The right sales enablement tools can really set the groundwork for success. Where we, for example, find platforms that let you share content and track interactions, smart video tools that let your sales reps send video messages to prospects and meeting tools with smart agenda functionalities.

Did you know that the SP_CE Digital Sales Room can actually handle all of the above, and empower your sales teams to exceed their quota?  Contact us for a demo to learn how, or find more resources and sales tips in our Remote Sales Hub.

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