Partner enablement is key if you have an indirect sales model. After all, your partners and distributors will need the material and training necessary to sell your product successfully. To help you make the most of your partner sales, we’ve gathered 3 steps to success:

1. Give your partners a central place to find material

By giving your partner/distributor a centralized and accessible place to access relevant content is a fundamental pillar of partner enablement. By gathering all relevant materials in that kind of central place, like a partner portal or digital repository, you can empower your partners to sell your product well. They won’t have to waste time searching for scattered information across multiple channels, and can always have easy access to brochures, product specifications and sales material in one convenient location.

This doesn’t just save time but also gives your partners a smoother experience. Which can have a positive impact on your partner’s drive to sell your product – and their ability to do so.

2. Give them an easy way to articulate your value prop and message

Having an accurate messaging is crucial to maintain customer trust and compliancy with regulations. It can, however, be challenging to achieve with an indirect sales model, as your partners aren’t as close to your message and product as you are. The risk is that they end up sharing a message that is different from yours, which can end up diluting your product message and putting your product’s success in jeopardy.

With that, it becomes highly important to help your partner articulate your message correctly and powerfully, so that end customers will always get the right message and want to learn more. By packaging your message in a partner portal or microsite that you share with relevant partners, and by providing tailored guides that show said partners how to best communicate your product message, you will have a much easier time maintaining an accurate message in every instance.

3. Prioritize version control

Product updates and enhancements are common. By finding a robust version control system, you can help your partners keep track of changes, revisions, and updates. This can help you make sure that accurate and up-to-date information is always available and prevent incorrect or outdated information from going out.

Having a strong version control can also empower you and your partner to collaborate efficiently: if everyone is working with the same reliable data and information, your partners won’t need to double-check information and you won’t have to verify that they aren’t working with the wrong presentations. Which gives both parties a chance to focus on promoting and selling your product. Especially if the tool you find to control versions can let you update material automatically and cut the manual labor that is oftentimes involved in this process – something that can make your life so much easier, while doing the same for your partner.

Partner enablement through digital tools and accessibility

What great partner enablement comes down to is ease and accessibility: your partners need to have access to the right material, whenever they need it. Otherwise, they may not be able to sell your product well. They might even be discouraged from promoting you your product if it’s too difficult to find the right information and material.

This, in turn, underlines the need for a digital partner enablement tools that gather your material in one place that’s easily reached, helps you package your message and control it at every step of the way. Tools that can make your indirect sales model easier to manage – and give your partners the means, and motivation, to promote your product.

With SP_CE you can control partner interactions and maintain your message and compliancy at each step of the way. Our platform gives you

  • 1 central, digital room that your partner can share with customers – filled with the right product message and material. Material that you can keep automatically updated through a robust version control.
  • 1 room to collaborate with your partner and keep them active with regular updates. Making sure your partner isn’t just enabled but also engaged. 

That way, you and your partners get the ultimate conditions to succeed. Read more about SP_CE for partner enablement here, find more information in our Channel Sales FAQ – or contact us to see how SP_CE can boost your partner sales. 

Seeing is believing.

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