Partner sales growth is key, especially if you rely on channel sales partners to reach revenue goals. Here, we’ve gathered 3 steps to make it happen.

If you’re selling your product through channel partners, growing your partner sales is probably high on your agenda. If you’re solely relying on these channel partners, odds are it’s even more of a priority. After all, your sales success depends on it.

To make it easier for you to make it happen, we’ve gathered 3 quick steps that can give your partner sales growth a kickstart.

3 ways to grow partner sales

Step 1: Evaluate partners and form new partnerships

When it comes to growing your partner sales, you need to have some data to go on. Evaluate how current partners are doing, look at results across segments and markets and choose what partners to focus on and work closer with. Of course, it is also crucial to form new partnerships to complement your existing ones. When you will want to pick your new partners with care and may want to choose those who:

1. Sell complementary products: Look for new partners whose offerings complement yours. It won’t just create a foundation for a mutually beneficial partnership, but also increases the odds that your partner has an expertise around the market, understands the eco-systems involved etc.

2. Have a shared target audience: Find partners who share your target audience. If your partner caters to the same customer base as you do, selling your product to them will probably be easier.

3. Have a solid reputation: Partnering with well-established, reputable companies can give your product and brand image a boost. While simultaneously building trust with potential customers.

4. Share your values: Culture and values matter. When choosing new partners, conside the cultural fit between your company and theirs. Shared values and a similar company culture can make your collaboration smoother, and help you drive a strong partner engagement.

Step 2: Build strong relationships through partner enablement

Building a solid relationship with your partners is the cornerstone of partner sales growth. Here, you can nurture these relationships by working actively to enable your partner and make your partner experience one for the history books. Something that you can make happen by:

1. Communicating frequently: Maintain an open and clear communication with your partners. Make sure that you communicate updates continuously, have check-in meetings and interact consistently. It can do wonders for your partner engagement, which, in turn, can translate to a higher partner activity and stronger sales growth.

2. Doing joint marketing efforts: Co-create marketing campaigns that are attractive to your audience and follow your unique brand voice and product message. It can be a way to further engage your partner and make them co-responsible for your success, but can also help ensure that the right marketing message is communicated.

3. Share marketing and sales content in a way that’s easy to find: Speaking of maintaining a proper product message and be consistent to your branding, you will want to give your partners easy access to the material they need. It won’t just make it easier to work with your product and nurture a relationship that is based on trust, but can also be an important step in making sure your partners share the right content and material with end customers (and that don’t create their own material that isn’t 100 % great).

Which isn’t just vital to avoid brand dillution, but can also help you avoid potential compliancy issues.

Step 3: Scale and be adaptive

As your partner sales grow, you will need to be adaptive and ready to scale. Here, it’s a good idea to:

1. Find the tech tools that can help: Invest in tools that can make it easier to manage partners, track results and scale efforts. Remember, having an infrastructure that allows for quick scaling can ensure your readiness when your partner sales sky-rocket.

2. Diversify your partner network: You may benefit from expanding your partner sales to, for example, affiliates, resellers, or referral partners. Which could help you tap new markets and grow partner sales even more.

3. Be agile: Pivoting is crucial: if you see that market conditions change or that certain partners, in certain regions, are reaching new sales heights, you need to be ready to adjust your strategy accordingly.

Reaching an unprecedented partner sales growth

By continuously evaluating your partner networks, adding more strategic partners to the mix and enabling everyone for success, you can reach a great partner sales growth. If you can also find those tech-tools that can truly make a difference, it won’t just be easier to make it happen – it can also help you tackle the challenges that come with selling through partners.

Ensuring that you can maximize results and minimize risk. Which sounds like a dream scenario to us.

With SP_CE you can quickly scale your partner sales, while having full control of the content and material they share. Our platform gives you

  • 1 digital room that your partner can share with customers – filled with the right product message and material. Material that you can keep automatically updated through a robust version control.
  • 1 room to collaborate with your partner and keep them active with regular updates. Making sure your partner isn’t just enabled but also engaged. 

That way, you and your partners get the ultimate conditions to succeed. Read more about SP_CE for partner enablement here, find more information in our Channel Sales FAQ – or contact us to see how SP_CE can upgrade your partner sales machine.

Seeing is believing.

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