Struggling to manage an expanding distributor network? You’re not alone: many indirect sales companies are struggling with the same thing, especially when their distributors are spread across the globe. Luckily, there is a way to create an effective distributor management that can drive results to the stratosphere.

Many indirect sales companies have a big blindspot: they don’t know exactly what their distributors are doing, who has access to what material and how they’re performing. This can not just cause enormous problems when it comes to expanding networks strategically, but can also hurt the bottom-line substantially. We want to help with this exact thing – so we’ve gathered 3 steps to creating an effective distributor management that gives you a total overview of all distributors.

Creating an effective distributor management – cost-efficiently

1. Gain control of your content-sharing

First things first: you need to gain control of what content, what material has been shared with whom. This can be done with a good, digital content repository that allows you to share the exact material a specific distributor needs, get an overview of what has been shared with whom and who has actually accessed the repository.

Pro tip: Find a tool that gives you a robust version control, so that you can easily update material when new versions are created. This will cut a ton of manual labor and let you rest easy knowing that everyone has access to accurate information.

2. Make it engaging to interact with your material and product(s)

If you want to create an effective distirbutor management, it will be helpful if distributors engage with your products and material; that they actually see and use the assets they should use. Otherwise, they may create and use their own marketing collateral, miss sales opportunities because they haven’t seen your latest and greatest marketing material, or they may even promote a competitor’s products instead of yours.

Here, you may need a digital tool that lets you notify distributors when new material drops, that has some kind of chat functionality that can let you answer questions quickly and that makes it easy and attractive to work with you and your products. It should be super-easy to sell your products and, then, it needs to be super-easy and engaging to interact with you.

3. Create a control center to keep track of distributors

It’s difficult to keep track of a ton of distributors, maintain a direct connection and see performance in real time – but if you want an effective distributor management it is all but necessary. Luckily, there are dedicated tools that can give you a total overview of all distributors, see what material they’re sharing, what material they’re looking at, how engaged they are and how they’re performing. Something that can not only help you maintain control and make sure that everyone is up to speed with news and new material, but also give you a chance to expand strategically. To invest in distributors who are successful, and help those who may need a boost.

Effective distributor management – with one tool

It just so happens that SP_CE can help you with all these steps, giving you a total overview of distributors, how they engage and what material they have access to. All while creating a distributor experience that makes it easy to earn mindshare and get your products out to those who need them.

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