How can you capture distributor mindshare and stay top of mind even if the distributor carries a large variety of brands and products? If you can answer that question, you’re well on your way to having distributors put your product first – and have them perform way above expectations.

It’s hard to earn distributor mindshare – especially in a crowded market. This, in turn, means that it can be extremely difficult to get distributors to put your product first and actually sell as much as you want them to. So, we gathered 4 ways to earn distributor mindshare and boost performance.

Distributor mindshare in 4 steps

1. Provide a lot of marketing -and sales support

Give distributors access to all the marketing material, tools and answers they need to show and sell your product. This could mean that you give them access to a digital repository of high-quality product images, videos, brochures, tutorials and case studies that truly highlight key features, benefits, and selling points. You should also give them customizable marketing collateral that lets them tailor their marketing efforts to local market preferences and populations.

2. Make the material easy to find

If your distributors have to sort through an enormous amount of unstructured files in a gigantic GDrive or OneDrive, they are more likely to lose interest and motivation. By giving them access to the exact material they need, and making it super-easy to find what they’re looking for whether they’re in the office or out on the field, they will be so much more inclined to put your product first.

3. Notify distributors to earn mindshare

You will have a much easier time earning distributor mindshare if you keep them in the loop; if you can notify them the moment new material is released, when a new version is available or when a new product launch is around the corner. By continuously moving their attention back to you and your product, you’ll have a much better chance of having them think about your product the moment a potential customer shows up.

4. Give them a personal portal where they can reach you – and your material

If distributors have to go to one place to ask questions, another to find marketing material and a third to access their unique price lists, they are bound to lose momentum and motivation. A good partner portal can solve this by letting you offer all of the above in one central place that is always available to your distributor. Such as SP_CE, where your distributors can get their own personal login that will always bring them to their own portal. Where you can share the exact material they need, make sure that the material is only available to those that should have access – and answer any questions that distributors have without spending hours going through your crowded email inbox.

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