There are a couple of myths surrounding remote medtech sales, and that can make you question whether remote sales is right for your organization. Most of these are far from true, though, and McKinsey just dispelled 4 of the most common ones.

You might have heard a few myths about remote medtech sales. These myths shouldn’t deter you, though: most of them are far from true and McKinsey has shown how you have a lot to gain from adding a remote layer to your sales model. They even went so far as to dispel the most common myths of remote medtech sales, and that we’ve interpreted and discussed below.

Myth #1: Remote-sales reps can’t get through to prospects, as they don’t have a relationship with the accounts

This might be easy to believe, but the truth is that B2B buyers are more than happy to talk remotely with sales professionals. Also, remote-sales reps are in the unique position of being able to gather customer data that can guide them in the right direction – giving them the information they need to reach out with a value prop that truly cuts through the noise.

In other words, they are more than able to nurture and grow strong relationships with digital interactions – especially if they find the tools to create a great digital customer experience.

Myth #2: Remote sales risk the customer relation that field sales have spent a long time building, as they don’t have the same level of experience

According to McKinsey, hospital procurement professionals are oftentimes fed up with the traditional sales model. Where a medtech seller might show up in person to make a sale, and then disappear until the next sale is to be made.

Instead, procurement professionals would like to have continuous interactions over time. Which means that having a sales rep who can interact remotely with customers, and do so frequently throughout their buying journey, can boost customer satisfaction.

On top of that, there are digital tools that let a sales manager create templates for how customer interactions should look. Using these could mean that the customer gets the same professional experience every time they interact with their remote-sales rep.

Myth #3: Remote-sales reps are basically administrative aids and do the tasks that field-sales reps don’t want to touch.

This is especially far from the truth. While everyone has to do administrative tasks, remote-sales reps spend the bulk of their time selling. With the right tools, they can even cut the time they spend on administrative tasks and spend more time on driving their deals forward.

In addition, they are in a great position to share material and answer customer questions and concerns in real time – through the use of digital sharing- and chat tools. Which means that the customers can get the exact information they need when they need it, instead of having to wait until an in-person meeting.

Myth #4: Remote-sales reps can only sell simple, straight-forward products

In our minds, this is the most dangerous myth around. Not only are customers comfortable spending more money through digital channels now than ever before, but remote-sales reps can also guide them toward a decision faster. Even if the product they’re selling is complex and the sales cycle is long.

This, as digital tools can let them manage a ton of customer stakeholders, show technical documentation and give them the information neccessary to make an informed decision.

They will need training, of course, but this training can be efficiently handled with digital tools. Tools that let product -and marketing teams train sellers to understand and communicate product details correctly, and that allow sales managers to quickly onboard sales reps and have them reach their quota faster.

The right tech can boost your remote sales

You might have noticed that there was a lot of talk of digital tools in the myth-busting we just went through. There is a good reason for that: the right sales enablement tools are, in fact, crucial in making the most of your remote-sales machine.

There are a ton of sales enablement tools to choose from, and one of these is our own SP_CE platform. Where your sales reps can reach out to customers with the right message at the right time, connect with customers frequently via both live video meetings and chat- and video messages, and give customers a great and customized experience throughout their journey. Plus, SP_CE lets you create best-practice templates that can make every customer interaction as great as the next, and makes it easy to train sales reps to understand, and sell, your product.

Do you want to know more? Check out our Sales Enablement page or contact us to see how SP_CE can enable remote sales in your organization. 

Seeing is believing.

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