Admin, user – host, participant and visitor. Who is who and what is what? In SP_CE you can have two different internal roles: Admin or User. Check out the chart below for an overview of the different roles and permissions.

Learn more about the different roles in a specific space in this tutorial.
If you are uncertain about how to add users and admins to your organization see this guide.

  • Admin

    Can control organization-wide settings, manage users, integrations and create templates.

  • User

    Can control their personal settings, create spaces and meetings from templates.

Account Roles
Track activities
Create & manage space templates
Create & mange meeting templates
Design and manage your spaces
View Space Analytics
Set space privacy level
View other users spaces
View Insights & Analytics for the whole organization
Create and run meetings
Manage notification settings for you and your participants
Connect integrations
Manage the subscription
Add & delete users, change role for users
Set default access rights for resources
Set default privacy levels for spaces
Add global space settings
Manage global resources