Admin, user – host, participant and visitor. Who is who and what is what? In SP_CE you can have two different internal roles: Admin or User. Check out the chart below for an overview of the different roles and permissions.

Learn more about the different roles in a specific space in this tutorial.
If you are uncertain about how to add users and admins to your organization see this guide.

  • Admin

    Can control organization-wide settings, manage users, integrations and create, access and edit all templates in an organization.

    Admins can access all spaces in an organization without being added to the participant list.

  • User

    Can control their personal settings, create spaces and meetings from templates.

    Users can only see the spaces they’re owner, host or participant in when in the homepage.

    Users can request access to other users private spaces.

    Users can enter as host or in view mode in other users restricted spaces.

Both admins and users needs to be logged into SPCE for this to apply, if logged out all traffic is handled as participants.

Account Roles
Track activities
Create & manage space templates
Create & mange meeting templates
Design and manage your spaces
View Space Analytics
Set space privacy level
Access all spaces in the organization
View Insights & Analytics for the whole organization
Create and run meetings
Manage notification settings for you and your participants
Connect integrations
Manage the subscription
Add & delete users, change role for users
Set default access rights for resources
Set default privacy levels for spaces
Add global space settings
Manage global resources