The right showroom can tackle a bunch of the challenges you face in your product marketing. Where our own SP_CE Showroom can help you stand out from competitors, show the ROI of your efforts, scale campaigns and work together with Sales. 

Product marketing is an awesome field in so many ways. You get to be at the absolute center of things, with one eye on the market and the other on the products being developed. You get to craft messages that explain the product in terms your target audience will grasp. Not to mention that you also get to see your content perform and feel those nice butterflies in your belly. When a specific combination of product + messaging really resonates with prospects or accounts.

Still, there are a few challenges you may face in your product marketing. There is the challenge of showing a message that stands out from the crowd and finding ways to scale your campaigns and content. There are the roadblocks that can come when trying to align with sales as well as showing the ROI and actual results of your efforts.

Luckily, our SP_CE Showroom can help you tackle these challenges by:

Giving you a branded and customized space to show your products

When you really want to stand out from the crowd, doing the same as everyone else won’t be enough. With our Showroom, you get the chance to create a branded microsite that is truly different. Where you can show your products in a way that’s both interactive and attention-grabbing, with functionality that lets you customize and personalize your approach.

Simply create your Showroom and set an eye-catching design. You can then fill it with content and share the link with your accounts. They will get to experience your products in a whole new way, but most importantly there will be a super-clear difference between you and competitors.

Letting you scale your campaigns

Scaling campaigns can be a hassle, but our Showroom makes it a tad easier by introducing a template function.

What that is? Well, imagine creating a blueprint that includes the right layout, design and CTA’s. A blueprint that any product marketer in your organization can click to use. Giving them the right setup from the start and cutting the time it takes for them to create a Showroom to basically zero.

A game-changer when scaling campaigns and having a ton of Showrooms with slightly different content.

Making it easy to align with Sales

We all know how important it is for sales and marketing to run in the same direction. Our Showroom can help here, too, as it lets you work with Sales in the same environment. Making it easy to:

  • Share product launches with the sales reps who are to sell said products
  • Work together to find high-value accounts to market to
  • Gain insights that will up conversion
  • Work toward the same goal with material that’s consistent

Giving you the tools you need to show product-marketing results and ROI

Other parts of the organization might not always know what product marketing does. With that, it kind of makes sense that showing results and ROI can be a pretty difficult challenge.

Here, our Showroom can let you prove your case and show actual results. This by giving a super-clear visual on interactions and conversions – and a straightforward way of seeing how many closed deals spring from your efforts.

Want to hear more about our Showroom? Contact us for a demo to get a live tour, or check out our take on Digital Showrooms.

Seeing is believing.

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