If you’ve found your way here, you’re probably wondering why SP_CE is such a great fit for medtech. So we’ve compiled our top three reasons why SP_CE fits most medtech companies like a glove:

1. You need to go to market digitally

COVID-19 was a monumental challenge for hospitals and healthcare professionals, and the challenge remains. There are still too many procedures and too little time, and many are still fatigued from the years gone by. For you as a medtech professional bringing a product to market, this means that there’s now a large threshold to overcome. You need to get your product out to potential buyers, and do so with less in-person meetings and interactions.

The answer is a digital, or hybrid, go-to-market model that lets you introduce your product to customers in the way the suits them. Something that McKinsey talked about already in the beginning of the pandemic, and that rings as true today. Especially as we’ve now seen that the change we encountered during the pandemic is here for the long run.

With SP_CE, you get one digital platform for your whole go-to-market journey, and that gives your product, marketing and sales teams the space they need to reach your customer where they are.


Our Medtech Go-to-Market guide gives you everything you need to know to bring your medical product to market in 2023.

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2. You have a lot of important content to share

There is a lot of content that needs to be shared between you and your customer. Your product needs to be explained and visualized with rich content that makes the value proposition clear, and product documentation has to be available for the customer at any given time. This content sharing doesn’t stop when the deal is done, but continues as your product is deployed and used.

By having a central space where all content can be shared and stored throughout the whole customer journey, you can make this process efficient and easy-to-manage. All while giving your customer a nice experience throughout the entire journey.

This is made possible with SP_CE, that lets you share content with a click and keep it all stored in a space you share with your customer. Where your content and interactions are kept safe and the customer relation can grow.

3. You need your material to be accurate – every time

The material you share needs to be right. There simply cannot be an instance where a potential buyer or a customer gets the wrong information. Something that is made possible with SP_CE, as it lets you share and control your message and material across your organization. Giving you an opportunity to control exactly what material is used where and automatically update it to a new version if necessary.

With that, SP_CE can help ensure compliance, and let you breathe easy knowing that every last piece of material is accurate.

Do you want to know more about how SP_CE can help you bring your product to those who need it? Take a look at our Medtech Showroom or contact us to see how your go-to-market journey can look tomorrow.

Seeing is believing.

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