Medtech marketing has adopted a digital mindset fast, and many medtech companies are investing heavily in digital-marketing efforts. The question, then, is how you can cut through the noise and be seen by the right buyer?

Medtech marketing has evolved quickly. In fact, it was just a couple years ago that a majority of medtech companies spent a mere 20 % of their budget on digital marketing. A figure that, according to McKinsey, has grown since then: most medtech companies are spending more on digital than they used to, and some have even taken to spending 50% + of their budget on digital marketing. These numbers are bound to go up even more in time, and we bet that digital will soon be the absolute standard for launching and marketing your medtech products. Either by itself, or as part of a hybrid strategy with both digital interactions and personal meetings.

This is a great development in a lot of ways. Not only does it allow medtech companies to meet buyers where they are, but it can also do some great things for the ROI of it all. Which isn’t to say that there are no challenges, especially as more and more companies are starting to market in the same digital channels. When the challenge will be to stand out from the crowd, cut through the noise and get your products noticed.

So, how can you make sure that your products are noticed and don’t fade into the background?


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The next step for medtech marketing

To get your product out and have it be noticed by the right buyers, it can be a good idea to:

1. Use different channels

It’s usually a great idea to use an omnichannel model, where you get your product out through a bunch of channels. In 2020, medtech products were usually launched with social media, email and online conferencing. A solid combination that serves to meet healthcare professionals where they are.

That said, it can pay off to add more channels into the mix. Where, for example, customized landing pages and microsites offer a chance to easily share truly enriching content that convert. Some microsites even have embedded video tech and webinar possibilities, which means that you could offer potential buyers a one-stop shop for everything they need to know about your product.

This can be especially powerful if you create an omnichannel model where said microsites are used in combination with sales outreach. Where, for example, digital microsites can complement, and enhance, outreach efforts and face-to-face meetings.

2. Share the content the buyer needs

Relevancy is key for so many things. This is even more true for getting a medtech product out, when the buyers you engage need the right information to make a decision – and a lot of it. By finding tools that let you easily share material with buyers in different stages of their journey, you can give them the information they need when they need it.

Here, it’s important that you have a way to control your message and material across your organization, so that you can make sure that the information that goes out is always accurate. Which, of course, is absolutely vital for the healthcare professionals buying your products – and crucial from a compliance viewpoint.

3. Do something different

When it comes to standing out from the crowd, there is huge value in standing in the forefront. In other words, you can try to find new ways and tools to present your products in the best light possible. It can make your product pop, and have buyers stop and look when they encounter it. Which is all the more necessary now that more and more actors are going digital, and your buyer encounters a ton of messages and content every time they go online.

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