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Great Customer Success creates long-term customers that love and use your product. With SP_CE, you get a persistent space to connect with individual customers, drive their onboarding and close knowledge gaps fast.

Your teams will love it – and your customers will, too.

Use case: Customer Success

Your onboarding decides how loyal customers will be

Customer onboarding is a big deal. A bad onboarding experience can make the customer leave, while great onboarding journeys make them to stay with you. Crafting a great onboarding journey can be challenging:

The gap between Sales and Customer Success makes it difficult to know what the customer has been promised.

It’s hard to know when customers are struggling – and why.

The onboarding experience can be scattered in up to six different tools and channels.

A handshake between two business persons.

Give the customer relationship space to grow

Over 90% of customers think that companies could do better when it comes to onboarding new customers*. In other words it’s time to step up the game – and moving your onboarding to SP_CE is a great start. For example, SP_CE lets you

Close the gap between Sales, Customer Success and Customers. No knowledge will ever be lost again, as everything is gathered in one space.

‘WOW’ the customer from day 1 with a personalized onboarding space, filled with everything they need to get going and easily reached at any point in time.

Get to know your customer better. Over time, this will improve NPS, boost retention and minimize churn.

Dear sales process, meet the customer journey

Seamless handover when the deal is signed

Sales will easily hand over the customer to Customer Success, by sharing the same digital space where they’ve worked with the customer throughout the sales process. This will give Customer Success a transparent view of everything that has been said and give them a visual of customer expectations.

Seamless handover when the deal is signed.

A personlized onboarding journey for every customer

Customer success teams drive the onboarding journey in the same digital space, where all onboarding sessions and check-in calls will take place – and where they can share tutorials, information and relevant upsell opportunities.

Customize over time to always be on the same page

Customers are different and their journeys in will differ. With SP_CE Analytics the CS team can follow what material and resources the customer interacts with and give better advice and recommendations to fill potential knowledge gaps.

Customize your buyers interactions and fill the gap with spce analytics.

Experience the difference

Your SP_CE onboarding will give you a glimpse of how great your own onboarding journeys will be

Admin onboarding in SP CE application.

admin onboarding

Gather your super users and participate in three onboarding sessions to learn everything you need to know to make the most out of SP_CE.

Templates from global content library in SP CE application.

setup for success

Create templates, add material to the global content library, connect your choice of integrations and invite your colleagues.

Go live with your space in SP CE application.

go live

Go live with SP_CE and start using it in your day-to-day work. Your admins will be equipped to get everyone who will use SP_CE up to speed.

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Ready to wow your customer?

Ready to wow your customer?

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