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Industrial Augmented Reality
Use Case: Content Sharing, After Sales
Solution: Showrooms, Salesrooms
Effect: Faster customer communication, easier content sharing

Hi, Monika! Can you give us a short introduction of Aleger?

Aleger Global provides software and resolution to our customers, tailored to their needs. This means that we work with a lot of fields, from industry to healthcare.

Interesting. Where does SP CE fit into this work?

We use it as part of our implementation, in our after sales. We were looking for a way to support customers in the most efficient way. It’s one thing to purchase the new solution, for example augmented reality glasses with the newest version of software. It’s another thing to get them used to this new solution. That’s why we were looking for a way to approach them and build a relationship.

We wanted a tool where we could approach every single customer in a different way based on what they purchase from us, their needs and so on. A tool where our clients would find everything in one place, where we could also approach them with chat.

What do you think of SP CE so far?

I think it’s really user friendly platform. There is no need to understand IT things. I actually think every single employee can work with it.

Aleger augmentet reality

Is there anything else you would like to add?

SP_CE gives us more freedom. It gives us a lot of possibilities for how we can approach our clients and we are happy with it.

“We wanted a tool where our customers could find everything in one place

Monika Dolanova
Customer Success Manager, Aleger