About Visaris

Website: Visaris.com
Use Case: Partner Sales, Content Sharing
Solution: Showrooms, Salesrooms
Effect: Distributors are enabled with the right information

Hi, Zoran! Can you introduce yourself and Visaris?

My name is Zoran Karakasevic. I’m a brand manager at Visaris, an X-ray manufacturer from Serbia. We are a family company and produce software and hardware. After 20 years of existence, you can find our products in more than 50 countries.

Interesting. Where does SP CE fit into your work?

We sell through distributors and it’s very important that they have precise information when they need it. That’s why we came to deal with SP_CE and so far it’s working very well.

Before SP_CE, we had servers with documents, and distributors needed to dig around to find what they needed. Now, we can create a page for each and every distributor, customized according to what requirements they have and the documentation they need.

How has your experience been so far?

SP_CE saves us a lot of time because it’s really easy to make changes and create pages. And since our documents and information are centralized, the moment we change something it can be changed everywhere, on every page for each and every distributor.

So it really saves a lot of time for us, and distributors can know they have all the information.

Visaris use SP_CE

Is there anything else you want to mention?

When we started to work with SP_CE, they really, really helped us get how it works. And it’s really not that hard. It was a couple of days, a couple of trainings to figure it all out.

Now, we’re looking for other ways to improve our company through SP_CE. And I hope we’ll do this interview again next year, so I can tell you what else we did with SP_CE. I’m sure that we’ll have a lot of new stuff going on, then.

“SP CE really saves a lot of time for us, and distributors can know they have all the information.“

Zoran Karakasevic
Brand Manager, Visaris