Project Description

In this webinar, we will learn about the latest digital sales tools to help b2b sales teams really excel and shine. Beata Wickbom and Jonas Hammarberg give a few great examples of how digital technology like SP_CE can help you scale best practices and make life easier for Sales Reps.

We will discuss the opportunities that come with the latest technology that can surpass your competitors. Every one of your competitors is running teams, google meet or zoom, or anything similar. What if you could do something different? Let’s talk about what we can do and how today’s theme is how digital sales solutions can enable you to scale the sales process across your team.

Features for the cutting edge digital sales solutions include:

  • A single solution sales platform with:
  • Process timeline
  • Tasks
  • Online meeting
  • Documents
  • Insights & Analytics
  • Integration
  • Brand your design

The rewards include:

  • Ramp up sales reps faster
  • Increase deal size
  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Increase win rate

Check out this 10 min webinar and find out what’s next for your sales organization.


Beata Wickbom
Expert on Digital Meetings & Head of Insights
at SP_CE

Jonas Hammarberg
Founder and CEO
of SP_CE

Our host Beata Wickbom is expert on Digital Meetings and was awarded Moderator of the Year. Beata monitors the B2B Sales world with a combined focus on human interaction and technology, in her role as Head of Insights at SP_CE.

Jonas Hammarberg, is the founder and CEO of SP_CE. Jonas is serial entrepreneur with 25+ years of B2B Sales. He is also business coach, a celebrated keynote speaker and author of best selling books on digitalisation and business transformation.

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