While remote or hybrid selling has already become standard, Mercuri just gave us yet another reason to meet customers remotely: In their latest report they showed how we can cut 97 tons of carbon emissions by holding just 20 % of meetings virtually.

Mercuri’s Hybrid Selling Survey 2021 showed how a small change can have a huge impact, and gives a good argument for adopting a hybrid sales model. Finding that an organization (with 100 people in field sales and a standard CO2 emission of around 492 tons if all meeting happen face-to-face) that holds just 20 % of meetings remotely can reduce their carbon emissions by a whopping 97,2 tons.

To put that in perspective, it’s basically the equivalent of 7800 beech trees. Which means that the organization would have to plant 7800 trees less, to offset their carbon emissions. A pretty substantial number, really, and one that obviously goes up the more meetings are held virtually.

With all the focus that is now placed on sustainability, and reducing our carbon footprint, adoping a hybrid sales model and starting to hold more sales meetings remotely is a slam dunk. Especially as there are a lot of additional benefits that can come from moving sales to digital channels, and that includes cutting costs, scaling sales and giving sales reps more time to spend on what they do best – i.e. selling.

Tips when adopting a hybrid sales model

Mercuri’s report also included some great findings that can help you choose where to start replacing face-to-face sales meeting with their virtual counterparts.

For example, there were some pretty clear findings when it comes to new accounts and clients. Namely that 73 % of respondents thought that virtual meetings were successful for “first contact” with customers. A figure that was 65 % for customer consultations, and 50 % for negotiations.

When it came to the existing customer base respondents were even more positive about meeting virtually. Where 94 % thought that virtual meetings were successful when it came to managing orders or repurchases.

With this in mind, we can clearly see that some face-to-face meetings will be easier to replace with virtual ones. Which can give an idea as to where you can start.

Remember, every meeting that is done virtually will make a difference, and odds are you will soon find that you can successfully replace more and more face-to-face meetings – and continue to close sales while doing so.

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